Do you really know who you are letting into your workplace?

Employer Guard is pleased to offer the Personnel Report to employers to help reduce pre-employment screening risk.  The  Personnel Report (Pre-Employment Personnel Analysis) works through identifying key areas in the candidate's temperament helping to identify strengths and weaknesses with a proven accuracy rate of 93.7%

More and more companies and employers are using pre-employment psychological and or temperament testing to to assist in hiring and reducing risk and turnover.  A full 40% of the top Fortune 100 companies utilize some form of psychological and or temperament testing for pre-employment screening! Including pre-employment reports in your hiring process can dramatically increase productivity and retention as well as reduce the likelihood of employment practice lawsuits.

Reduce Hiring Discrimination Claims

Personal biases from interviewers is often cited as the reason for discrimination claims by potential candidates. Because Employer Guard's Personnel Reports do not discriminate according to age, sex and race by utilizing this form of pre-employment screening the employer reduces their risk of claim.

How Much Time Is Needed?

Personnel Reports take at the most, twelve minutes to complete. They are administered directly from EmployerGuard.com under the employer's supervision, and analyzed within a short amount of time. The feedback provided to the employer from the quick report assists in effectively designing an interview and selection process that reduces the amount of time needed to train interviewers and conduct interviews.

The Personnel Report provides employers with guidance and instruction of key areas of strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, allowing the employer to focus valuable time on the vital areas for success in the perspective role and position. The Personnel Report will also provide suggested perspective and important thoughts about the candidate's temperament based on analysis.

*(where available, additional fees may apply)

Our low cost per report is one of the lowest in the industry. 

√ Reduce hiring risks & liabilities

√ Reduce employee turnover

√ Achieve proper employee placement

√ Save time and money

Pricing is available at a special introductory rate for a       limited time only.